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When should InfoCubes or DSOs be converted to the HANA-optimized versions?


For customers on BW 7.30 SP8 or following we recommend that you check the new options described here first.

Frequently, colleagues, customers and partner approach the BW and HANA development teams and ask this question. Here is what is recommended.


Since there are no limitations or drawbacks comparing the classic InfoCube with the HANA-optimized InfoCube, we recommend converting all InfoCubes to the HANA-optimized version to benefit from the better load performance and the more flexible design. Additionally the InfoCube-conversion runs as a purely HANA-internal procedure and is therefore in most cases very fast. But the conversion can be and should be done step-by-step or project-by-project. There is no need to run this as part of the complete DB-migration project, but it can be done in appropriate time-windows later. Remark: For InfoCubes with inventory keyfigures, please consider OSS note 1780575.


Please consider the limitations for when it is possible to convert a DSO to the HANA-optimized version (see the SAP online help). We do not recommend converting all DSOs to the HANA-optimized version, but only those DSOs where the DSO activation is time consuming and part of a performance critical load process. Additionally we recommend converting these DSO w/o changelog whenever possible. All other DSOs should stay the classic DSO type. Significant performance improvements for the activation process for the classic DSOs are also in the pipeline and will be made available as part of future HANA and BW support packages.