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SAP HANA Security: An Overview


Note: The document has been updated for SAP HANA SPS08: Download the updated version.

Protecting a company’s or organization’s critical data from unauthorized access and ensuring compliance with the growing number of rules and regulations is becoming increasingly important for SAP customers. SAP HANA® offers capabilities and benefits for customers in many important applications and scenarios and will therefore play an increasingly important part in many customers critical IT and application infrastructures.

The purpose of this document is to give IT security experts a starting point and overview of what they need to understand about SAP HANA in order to comply with security-relevant regulations and policies and to protect their SAP HANA implementation and the data within from unauthorized access.

The document provides information on

  • The impact of the different SAP HANA scenarios on how security needs to be addressed
  • The framework and functions provided by SAP HANA that can be used to implement security and compliance requirements in line with the specific security, legal, and regulatory requirements
  • How SAP HANA can be integrated into existing security infrastructures and processes
  • Additional resources for more detailed information on SAP security topics

For an overview of the new features in the latest release, please refer to

What´s New? SAP HANA SPS08 Security

Please also have a look at the following guides:

SAP HANA Security Guide

SAP HANA Administration Guide

    (also covers backup/recovery and high-availability/disaster tolerance)

SAP HANA Master Guide

    (contains detailed information on network setup)

SAP HANA Developer Guide

Best practice document on SAP HANA roles (incl. role templates):

How to Define Standard Roles for SAP HANA Systems

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