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SAP Transportation Management

Reporting Events in SAP TM: Define a list of allowed event codes per TOR type


Recently new note 2081749 has been released, which introduces a new customizing:

New maintenance view /SCMTMS/TOR_EVT allows to define a list of allowed event code per transportation order type. By this you can control per freight document type (freight unit type, transportation unit type, freight order type, freight booking type or service order type) which event codes are offered in the drop-down menu on the execution tab. This is especially useful if you define multiple custom event codes and typically only a subset of these event codes are relevant for a certain freight document type.

This new customizing is complementary to the already existing assignment of event codes transportation order categories. If for a specific transportation order type no entries are maintained in the new maintenance view, still all event codes, which are assigned to the related transportation order category are offered in the drop-down menu.

The events in the drop-down menu are sorted ascending in alphabetical order.

The list of allwoed event codes can be maintained as described in the following:

     1. Go to transaction SE16 (alternatively SE54 can also be used) and enter the view name /SCMTMS/V_TOREVT and click on Create Entries:

     2. Select the transportation oder type, for which you want to maintain the list of allowed event codes and Continue:

     3. Maintain the lsit of allowed event codes for this transportation order type:

     In this example only one event code to report delays is assigned to the freight order type 'EM01'.

     4. This example will look like this in the execution tab, when inserting a new event:

For TM 9.1 and TM 9.2 the view will be included in the existing view clusters to maintain the transportation oder types, which will simplify the maintenance. This will be available with next support packages (TM 9.1 SP05, TM 9.2 SP01).

Cheers, Daniel