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Success Story: MHH (Hannover Medical School)


With our UI Logging solution, Hannover Medical School (Medizinische Hochschule Hannover) can now detect unauthorized access to patient information – helping prevent fraudulent use and protecting patients.

Hannover Medical School is a medical university with more than 7,500 full time employees, roughly 3,000 medical students, and a medical clinic of 1,500 beds.

MHH is one of the most important medical research facilities and the biggest transplantation center in Germany.

The hospital treats upward of 50,000 patients every year, and cares for almost half a million patients in their outpatient facilities.

MHH have been using UIL for more than one year for logging reading access to medical data and investigating where applicable.
With the solution, MHH aim at discouraging unauthorized requests (all requests not directly related to a user's tasks), in order to efficiently meet data security requirements, and ensure confidentiality of patient and treatment information,

Read what the project manager, Mrs. Neitz-Kluge, says about the solution, its implementation, how they utilize the functionality, and how this helps MHH by increasing trust from patients and employees.

UIL Success Profile Story with Hannover Medical School (3 pages)

UIL Success Slide with Hannover Medical School (1 page)

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