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Storing login data in Money Mobiliser 5.1 SP02


The purpose of this document is to highlight how to store customer login data in Money Mobiliser 5.1 SP02.


It is crucial to understand some components of Mobiliser in order to track session data properly.  It is here that I will outline some key aspects of how Mobiliser handles session data and how you can work with it.

Mobiliser is build on a Class Framework

All beans are singletons that are created using the Spring Framework.  A singleton is a class which only allows a single instance of itself to be created, and usually gives simple access to that instance.

Tracking Sessions

Mobiliser can track sessions in two different ways:

  1. cookies: in case you want to destroy a session that is managed via a cookie, you just need to call customerLogic.destroyPersistentLogin() – it will destroy the cookie that was used to authenticate the user.
  2. sessionId: the sessionId can be transported as part of the MobiliserRequest. If it is used you already have a unique identifier for your session and you can simply call securityLogic.logoutCustomer(request.getSessionId(), getCallerId()); - if you don’t use it, you will not need to call it.
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