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SAP HANA Memory Usage Explained

Memory is a critical SAP HANA resource.

This paper explains and illustrates basic memory concepts, and how to interpret and explore the memory consumption of an SAP HANA system.

Also explained is the correlation between Linux indicators (virtual and resident memory) and the key memory usage indicators used by SAP HANA.

Version 3:  updated with new information for SAP HANA SPS08 (Rev 80 and up):

  • The section “Used Memory over time” was updated to reflect the new INSTANCE_TOTAL_MEMORY_USED_SIZE time series
  • A new section on “expensive statements” was added (section 5).
  • A new paragraph on Memory Allocation Statistics was added on page 13.
  • Some other changes throughout to improve clarity.

HANA_Memory_Usage_SPS8.pdf  985.6 K

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