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HCM (Human Capital Management)

Enterprise-wide Learning – across all processes and roles


Build the skills that build the value!

SAP Workforce Performance Builder is about far more than creating IT focused software simulations, context-sensitive help, and process documentation. SAP Workforce Performance Builder provides the capabilities to create rich, lively rapid learning content, for any non-IT subject as well – even by using mobile devices or voice recording for content creation. The different content types complement one another nicely and can seamlessly be integrated into each other, to maximize knowledge retention - making SAP Workforce Performance Builder a well-rounded one-stop solution for an end-to-end corporate workforce enablement.

Typical business challenges solved

  • Train all employees on any subject - IT and non-IT relevant topics –using one single authoring tool
  • Accelerate content development and know how transfer by creating content anywhere, anytime
  • Increase and improve end-user adoption and knowledge retention with high-quality content
  • Address any changes related to compliance, business, IT, etc. by providing real-time on-the-job guidance
  • Reduce time and effort for content translation by using automated localization functions

Business benefits – proven by customers and partners

  • Reduced help-desk inquiries by up to 62%
  • Reduced support and training costs by up to 70%
  • Accelerated process execution by up to 73%
  • Accelerated documentation of processes by up to 92%
  • Maximized return on investments, reduced total costs of change and total costs of ownership

Enjoy these short, public video clips on YouTube which demonstrate the tool in action:

• WPB - Mobile learning and content creation:

• WPB - Create content for every topic (non-IT):

• WPB - Everybody can be an author:

Or read this PDF for a better overview: Intuitive E-Learning with SAP Workforce Performance Builder:

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