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How to create Save View button in Web Template


You want to save the query view with or without variable values using the save view button in Java runtime


You execute a query or template, did some navigation steps and changed the variable values. Now you want to save this navigation state along with the changed variable values by using a button to save the query view.

Steps on how to create a Save View button to get the pop-up screen to save the variable values:

  • Open Web Application Designer
  • Open Web Template in which you want to create Save View button

  • Create a command button
  • Give description and select the command (below screen)

  • Choose the "Save_As" command and follow the below screens to select the parameters

  • In below step , after selecting the below parameter do not click "OK" button but click on "Next Command" as marked in below screen

  • Now select the "Save_View" command and perform the steps as shown in below screens:

  • Now will have created a button to save the query view.

        When you run the Web Template and click on "Save View" button , you will get the pop-up screen to save view along with the option

        "Save Variable Values" as shown in below screen.

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