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AbbreviationDescription (SAP meaning)
ADTABAP Development Tools
AFLApplication Function Library
APIApplication Programming Interface
ASESAP Sybase OLTP database - Adaptive Server Enterprise
BABusiness Analytics - "newer" term for BI
BAdiSAP delivered Business Add-In's  used to customize SAP ERP components for SAP Industry solutions and country variants. Also available for customers and partners for project-specific enhancements.
BAPIBusiness Application Programming Interface - Standardized programming interface that enables external applications to access business processes and data in an SAP System.
BDCBatch Data Communication is a technology used for data transfer thru SAP transactions using different options for foreground/background processing.
BFLBusiness Function Library - part of HANA
BIBusiness Intelligence - "older" term for BA
BORBusiness Object Repository - Central repository within the SAP System containing all the SAP business object types and SAP interface types together with their definitions and methods
BPCBusiness Planning and Consolidation Application, available in a Microsoft version and a SAP NetWeaver version. The NetWeaver version requires BW, and can also utilize BW on HANA.
BWSAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, for example 7.3, runs on traditional RDBMS, SAP NetWeaver BW, or on HANA, SAP NetWeaver BW on HANA
BWASAP Business Warehouse Accelerator - no further development, superfluous w BW on HANA
CapexCapital Expenditure - Balance Sheet item where the depreciation amounts impact the P&L
CO-PAControlling-Profitability Analysis - Module in SAP ECC
Column StoreDB storage engine that stores each column (attribute) of a table sequentially in a contiguous area of memory
CompressionEncoding information to achieve a lower consumption of in memory space
DDICData Dictionary stores in ERP all the meta data and ensures consistency across all tables
DRDisaster Recovery - usually restore from Back-up
DSSAP (BusinessObjects) DataServices - part of EIM
DS-DIDataServices Data Integrator
DS-DQDataServices Data Quality
DSODay Sales Outstanding - FI KPI - part of SAP's Working Capital Analyze on HANA
DUDeployment Unit - most granular level for HANA content patches
DXCDirect Extractor Connection, please see FAQ for more details
ECCERP Central Component, formerly known as R/3, before the R/3 system was separated into individual instances like HCM, APO(SCM), SRM for system performance and ease of patching, latest incarnation SAP BusinessSuite
EclipseDevelopment framework in JAVA, open source project by IBM
EDWEnterprise Data Warehouse - BW is SAP's EDW Buy-solution, Sybase IQ - the EDW Built solution, which requires a separate ETL tool and Data Modeling tool and Repository tool
EIMEnterprise Information Management
EPMEnterprise Performance Managament
ERPEnterprise Resource Planning (system) also known as R/3, or Business one
ESPSAP Sybase Event Stream Processor

Extract – Transform – Load , a Data Warehousing term to describe the process of physically moving the data from a source to a target data mart or data warehouse, and at the same time applying master data management processes, like data harmonization etc. and data transformation or manipulation processes

A variation is ELT, where data are loaded first (and persisted, and transformed later.

Annotehr variation is SLT - Stream - Load - Transform

ExtensionsUsed to describe enhancement to applications which do not modify the application code, and are developed in a cloud environment..
FAFinancial accounting in SAP ERP
FIFinance in SAP ERP
GRCGovernance, Risk and Compliance
GTSGlobal Trade Services
HAHigh Availability - based on planned and un-planned downtime, can be product or software based, usually mentioned in connection w DR, and based on SLA's. Planned uptime usually 98%.
HAFHANA Analytical Foundation, please see SAP HANA Live
HECHANA Enterprise Cloud, provides SAP's MCaaS and other Cloud services
HCPHANA Cloud Platform provides SAP's IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services
Hot PatchingApplying Fixes or SP's or SPS's to a productive system without system downtime
IDEIntegrated Development Environment
IQSAP Sybase OLAP data base
LUsedin HANA for binding variables in PAL and BFL, which is done  currently by AFL
LOBLine of Business, e.g.: FI - Finance, sometimes also called: Global Controlling or just: Accounting
LT (or SLT)SAP Landscape Transformation, Trigger based Table replication service - originally developed as TDMS Test Data Migration Server
MDGMulti-Dimensional Governance
also Master Data Governance - SAP ECC based Master Data Management application
MDMMulti-Dimensional Management,-
also Mobile Device Management
or Master Data Management, a SAP NetWeaver solution- part of EIM
MDM1- SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management, succeeded by SAP MDS
MDM2- Mobile Device Management, as in SAP AFARIA
MDXMulti-Dimensional Expression
MMMaterials management in SAP ERP, includes Purchasing and Inventory Management, but not SRM
MPPMassively Parallel Processing
NoSQLNot Only SQL - advanced SQL data bases
OLAP/OLTPOn-Line Analytics Processing/Transactional Processing
OpexOperational Expenses in P&L, maintained in yearly Budget
PALPredictive Algorithm Library
PMMLPredictive Modeling Markup Language
PostgreSQLOpen Source Relational database
Ropen source programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics
R/3SAP's ERP system on (3) client tier architecture, R/2 is SAP mainframe based ERP solution
RDBMSRelational Database Management System
RDLRiver Definition Language - Much of this complexity in traditional development languages is due to the fact that traditional application run-times are performance bound. In order to achieve optimal execution, the application’s code undergoes careful optimizations – data load and transfers, query optimizations, etc. - to work with the underlying engine.  Such optimizations do not add business value as they have nothing to do with the realization of business requirements in code. We have completely rethought this process based on the new capabilities enabled by HANA. The result is a simplification of the development process because we can now eliminate such optimizations from appearing in the code.  Uses XS.
RDSa service by SAP Service: Rapid Development Solution
RDTPReal Time Data Platform
RFCSAP Protocol for data transfer
SAMLSecurity Assertions Markup Language
SDKSoftware Developer Kit
SFINSimple Finance -  SAP FI application developed natively in HANA
SHLSAP HANA HANA Live, formerly know as SHAF, the SAP Business Suite Analytics based on Virtual Data Models (VDM) or Virtual Data Layers (VDL), not requiring persistent data in addition to the ECC transaction tables
SIDSystem Identification
SPSupport Package - Versions of Software Components e.g. SAP BASIS, SAP ABA, SAP BBPCRM, PI are delivered via Support Packages
SPARQLstandard query language for linked data in GRAPH data bases
SPSSupport Package Stack
SQLASAP Sybase Mobile database SQL Anywhere
SRMSupplier Relationship Management part of SAP Business Suite
SRSSystem Replication Service - Log based
StudioSAP HANA Studio is the Eclipse based HANA Development Workbench
TCOTotal Cost of Ownership - Opex and Capex
TPMTrade Promotion Management
VDLVirtual Data Layer, please see HANA Live  for more details
VDMVirtual Data Mart, please see HANA Live for more details
XSSAP HANA Extended Application Services,  embedded into HANA Appserver and app development. Part of the HANA execution runtimes, together with the HANA Calculation Engine, both used by RDL. Also SAP HANA platform for Business Framework and Business Rules Framework

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