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Does SAP offer training for S/4HANA?

Yes, an open SAP course starts in March 2015

What can you expect from SAP S/4HANA in a Nutshell on openSAP?

Does SAP offer training and certification for HANA?

Yes, SAP offers several classes for SAP HANA. Please visit the SAP training website

In addition, SAP offers free online training classes, the so called HANA Academy.

ERPsim Business simulation running on S/4HANA:

1 min Video, 7 min Video


Facilitating ERPsim: Running Successful Business Simulation Games with ERPsim (Partner Course)

What are the recommended training classes for developers, BASIS engineers?

The SAP HANA training classses recommended are: HA100, TZH200, TZBWHA, HA300, TZHANA, RAHANA.

Where can we access all the SAP CSA (Customer Solution Adaption) Webinars?

How much direct OS access is required, as how much training is required for our support personnel in Linux?

Once the appliance is installed and running all the administrator needs to do is occasionally apply the Linux security patches & upgrades if required by SAP.

Will the user administration in ERP on HANA change, how does this impact our security team? Does the Basis Team need to be involved in this HANA research work?

All ERP users / roles are defined through the ERP Application layer. The only change is for the users of the HANA data modeling studio in the HANA datamart, and that also applies to SHAF, the SAP HANA Analytical Framework.

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