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What is SAP LT?

SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server (aka “SLT”) is the best choice for all SAP HANA customers who need real-time or scheduled data replication sourcing from SAP and NON-SAP sources with the option to accomplish even complex data transformations on the fly.

  • Allows real-time (and scheduled) data replication
  • Ability to migrate data into HANA format while replicating data in real-time
  • „Unlimited“ release coverage (from SAP R/3 4.6C onwards) sourcing data from ABAP based SAP applications
  • Handling of cluster and pool tables
  • Automatically non-Unicode to Unicode conversion during load/replication
  • Table settings and transformation capabilities (e.g. data filtering, enrich table structure, data scrambling, etc.)
  • Fully integrated with SAP HANA Studio
  • Enhanced monitoring capabilities via SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP5 & mobile app SAP Replication Manager

  • SAP LT can use SAP HANA as a source or target (or both) in a customer's Enterprise Architecture.

Please see the SAP LT information in the BW on HANA FAQ for more details. We will use this link as the central repository to avoid redundant information maintenance.


SAP LT Operations Guide for HANA SPS 08

SAP LT Sizing Guide

SAP LT Installation Guide

SAP LT Security Guide

Advanced Replication Settings Guide in SAP Note 1733714

SAP LT Data Mapping defaults and how to change them:

Does SAP LT allows us to load data from S/4HANA into Hadoop?

SAP LT captures the delta in S/4HANA, and with SAP DataServcies you can load the SAP LT files to Hadoop.

What is DXC?

SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connection (DXC) utilizes the DataSource Extractors that exist in SAP Business Suite systems to load data directly from the BW InfoPackage into HANA.
DXC works with generic DataSources and with any SAP-delivered DataSource with customer extensions and is available in GA with HANA SP 4.

DXC is available in a “sidecar” approach (a system landscape variation) using the BW application residing in a ERP system (min. ECC 6.0), means this scenario uses the BW application to source data, but not BW as a target.

DXC leverage pre-existing foundational data models of SAP BW Business Content for use in SAP HANA data mart scenarios, whereas SLT provides real-time data acquisition approach using individual tables in the SAP Business Suite.

DXC does not replace the SAP BW scenario, instead DXC leverage SAP Delivered BW Business Content DataSources to significantly reduces complexity of data modeling tasks in SAP HANA data marts and to speed up timelines for customer’s implementation projects.

For more technical information please see the link for the SAP note 1665602.e

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