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Sizing for SAP S/4HANA


How much space do I need in a SAP ERP powered by HANA environment compared to a ERP on a traditional RDBMS environment?

In general a customer could expect a compression factor of  3 to 5 based on the customer results, although this can of course vary in every case.

In order to maximize the potential of the HANA in-Memory processing SAP recommends to double the size of  the Hardware memory based on the size of the compressed data volume.

Please see this SAP Note for general recommendations for Suite on HANA sizing:

For the migration of existing Suite on HANA systems, SAP provides an ABAP report which estimates the memory space requirement based on the size of the current database tables (LiveCache is currently not supported). The ABAP report takes into account de-clustering, de-pooling, LOB's ((Large OBject) datatypes) and indexing. The report also allows a filter setting to select individual tables for example for a selective SAP HANA Live sizing for example just for FI or SD in a side car scenario.

Please see this SAP note for script to run the sizing report on SoH. In the attachment of the note is a comprehensive FAQ.

For the initial sizing of new implementations and for new customers, please use the SAP HANA Quick Sizer

If you want to use the SAP HANA data mart features, please see this SAP Note for SAP HANA data mart sizing script:

For a sidecar scenario: SAP LT sizing guide

What is the impact on the database size when converting a non-Unicode compliant DB  to a Unicode compliant DB as prerequisite for migrating ERP to ERP on HANA?

Migration to HANA is only possible from a Unicode system, and the sizing script in will consider if the source databse is already Unicode enabled or not.

If you use this note, there is no need to apply an additional factor to the result of the report. The result provided is taking in account the Unicode

  Other useful sizing notes:

- SAP Note 1698281 - Assess the memory consumption of a SAP HANA System

- SAP Note 1661202 – Support for multiple applications on SAP HANA

- SAP Note 1666670 – Multiple SAP HANA DBs on one appliance

- SAP Note 1788665 - SAP HANA running on VMware vSphere VMs

Overview of all available sizing documentation:

Service Marketplace:

SAP HANA Sizing Scenarios

SAP HANA Sizing Guidelines

SAP HANA Sizing Whitepaper

What are the biggest SAP HANA hardware configurations available?

Please see the Certified SAP HANA Hardware Directory  for details and up-to-date information

In addition to the listed HW configurations, SAP will also certify additional configurations as required by customer scenarios. Please check with your hardware vendors and SAP Account Executive in case you are interested in any other configuration than listed in this SAP HANA Hardware directory:

The speed of development of HANA hardware is impressive, considering that in 2010 the biggest In-Memory hardware available was 2TB of memory with 512GB per node.  At SAPPHIRE 2012, hardware partners presented a 16 node HANA system with 16TB Memory with 1TB per node. At TechEd 2014, SGI Silicon Graphics presented a 6TB single node system.

SAP showcasedin 2012 a custom SAP HANA system with 1 PetaByte of raw data:

From which hardware vendors are HANA systems available?

Please see for latest information: Certified SAP HANA Hardware Directory