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High Availability and Disaster Tolerance


What are the SAP HANA capabilities for High Availability (HA) and Disaster Tolerance (DT)?

Overview deck SAP HANA Backup and Recovery

Introduction - SAP HANA in Data Centers

Zero Downtime Maintenance.

Central SAP note High Availability

five 9s - 99.9% uptime across 200TB HANA environment

SGI - Press Releases: SGI Exceeds 200 Terabyte Milestone in Total Systems Running SAP HANA

What is the required bandwidth to support HA/DR capabilities?

High Availability and Disaster Recovery with SA... | SCN

During a power failure, will the information stored in the memory be lost?

Every SAP HANA system, hence a ERP powered by SAP HANA environment, has a persistent storage to back-up all information on a constant base, from which the data of a ERP on HANA system can be restored into In-Memory.

How are the HA/DR processes/services for the non-HANA based Application Servers impacted?

They remain the same, no changes here:

SAP HANA Tailored Data Center, hardware and storage options

SLA definitions in %:

HP Technical Whitepaper for SAP HANA Disaster Tolerant Solution

IBM Whitepaper on High End SAP HANA IT landscapes