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OLAP & OLTP in a single database - BI in applications


What does the statement "SAP HANA - A common database approach for OLTP and OLAP using an In-Memory Column Database" really mean?

Hasso Plattner wrote a research paper with this title which is central to the understanding of the SAP HANA database. You can download this document at

Robert Klopp picked up on the argument, if a single data base can really be optimized for both workloads, and discusses the possibilties in his blog:

Does SAP publish benchmarks for SAP HANA?

The SAP benchmarks are maintained in this website:
For SAP Business Suite on HANA, SAP considers a new benchmark, as Suite on HANA combines OLAP and OLTP in a you could say OLEP = Online Everything Processing, including text and semantics and predictive etc. This "everything" on a single system processing is incomparable to any other current database, therefore a traditional benchmark on SAP HANA powered Business Suite system would require isolated processing independent of the parallel SAP HANA capabilities.

How does SAP HANA integrates with SAP Business Intelligence solutions?

What´s New? SAP HANA SPS 07 SAP BI Integration

Where can I get access to the IDC White Paper "Blending Transactions and Analytics into a Single In-Memory Platform: Key To The Real-Time Enterprise"?

In this blog you can access the white paper and review the key findings of a survey conducted by SAP and IDC:

Can we use the SAP Event Streaming Processor (ESP) for SAP HANA?

Yes, the SAP Event Stream Processor (ESP) is a high-performance complex event processing platform designed to make it easy for developers to implement continuous intelligence solutions. Combined scenarios with SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA improve performance significantly and can dramatically increase Business Value.