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Availability for SAP Applications running on SAP HANA


Which SAP HANA-based applications are available today in addition to SAP Business Suite on HANA and BW on HANA?

SAP maintains the status for all SAP applications in the PAM Product Availability Matrix:

Once you select any application category of the list at the top of the screen:

On the left hand site you can select the filter setting "Ready for SAP HANA status" which provides you with all official details:

For a complete list, please see this e-book also for Consumer Applications on HANA, Custom-Built Applications on HANA and Startup-Built Applications on HANA:

SAP E-Book

Please see this link for more details on the new SAP HANA Enterprise Applications:

SAP HANA Enterprise Applications

For all SAP and partner applications available digitally, please visit the SAP HANA Store website

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