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SAP S/4HANA System Landscape


Hasso's blog: System Landscape for S/4HANA provides an overview on the latest developments

Scale-Up simplifies:

99% of all known SAP Business Suite systems can be installed in a single HANA box- 12TB and 188 cores

SAP provides choices for your SAP HANA deployments:

Pre-installed SAP HANA system by a SAP HANA certified hardware partner as part of the SAP HANA appliance delivery model: SAP HANA Appliances

SAP HANA TDI tailored data center integration as an alternative to the SAP HANA appliance delivery model.

What is the difference between the SAP HANA Appliance Delivery and the SAP HANA tailored data center integration approach?

Using the SAP HANA Appliance Delivery, the Solution validation is performed by SAP and the SAP partner including preconfigured hardware set-up and preinstalled software.

The TDI approach enables the Installation and validation to be performed by the customer’s SAP Certified Technology Specialist, and the customer is in charge to align with the hardware partner on the individual support model.-


Pre-requisite: Training required for TDI

SAP HANA guidelines for operating system setup

Which hardware options are available for SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA?

SAP recommends to use the SAP HANA certified servers as described in the SAP Product Availability Matrix, and provides choice for storage, so customers can re-use existing enterprise storage and also use the same storage for multiple systems besides SAP HANA-based systems.

SAP is extending choice for customers by workingw ith IBM to provide HANA on IBM Power systems. Please see this blog for details:

For a complete list of all certified SAP HANA hardware:

Certified SAP HANA Partner Hardware please click on the orange box Appliance list

Certified SAP HANA Hardware Directory

7 Tips and Resources for Cost-optimizing SAP HANA Infrastructure

Do we need the same specs for non-production systems?

SAP has relaxed the SAP HANA infrastructure requirements for non-production usage, such as development and testing. This enables a majority of commodity infrastructure components available for SAP HANA non-production usage, either in a virtualized or bare metal environment, without certification. Cost-optimized infrastructure for non-production landscape

Are we limited to use Intel Ivy Bridge processors for SAP HANA?

SAP supports multiple choices from Intel, from low-cost non-productive systems to Haswell, as well as IBM Power Systems, currently in Ramp-up. Please contact your HW vendor of choice.

Largest Production Hardware configuration:

While SAP has run 1PetaByte of data in a single HANA system, in 2013 the largest HW available from the shelf was a 56TB SAP HANA scale-out (multi server) appliance from IBM. SAP does certify larger environments for customer specific scenarios.

In 2014 Intel has released the new generation of Ivy Bridge processors, offically named Intel Xeon E7 v2 processor

In 2015 SAP HANA support a scale-up system with a single server with 12TB+ with 188 CPU's on Intel Haswell.

Does SAP certify 3rd-party solutions for external back-up?

In addition to the SAP native HANA back-up solution, SAP offers the interface "Backint" for SAP HANA, which allows partners to use their back-up products. Please see these link for details:

Overview of all SAP HANA Certification available now using Backint for SAP HANA

SAP Note: 1730932 - Using backup tools with Backint for HANA

3rd-part BI and ETL integration:

Does SAP to recommend rather to scale-out or scale-up for a SAP HANA deployment?

Please see this document in the link for more details, in General it is good to have plenty of In-Memory and horsepower (CPU), too.

SAP HANA High Availability provisioning

please see also the latest updates in General SAP HANA Information


Vblock™ Specialized System for SAP HANA®


SGI - Solutions: SAP HANA



SAP HANA on Power is about to go GA for BW on HANA, S/4HANA TEA is starting soon.

2055470 - HANA on POWER Planning and Installation Specifics - Central Note

2133369 - SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems: Central Release Note


Lenovo Solutions for SAP HANA