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SCM powered by SAP HANA and integration in S/4HANA


SAP SCM Supply Chain Management

Main SCN page for SCM:

Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM)

Current restrictions:

Latest SAP EhP for SAP SCM 7.0,version for SAP HANA, min EHP 3 - 1768043

SCM 7.0 EHP 2 is possible with restrictions

Which modules of SCM are released in SAP SCM 7.02?

Currently the following modules of SCM are released as part of SAP Enhancement Pack 02 for SAP SCM 7.0, version for HANA 1.0

Advanced Planning and Optimization(APO) 7.02

Service Parts Planning (SPP) 7.02

Supply Network Collaboration (SNC) 7.02

For more details about the released processes, please SAP note : 1768043

What are the system architecture / deployment scenarios?

  • SCM on RDBMS and SAP HANA Sidecar
    • Side by Side scenario, where both master data and transactional data are replicated from Classical DB and liveCache to a SAP HANA system supporting the SCM InfoCenter on SAP HANA
  • SCM on HANA - SCM standalone on SAP HANA
    • pre-requisite: SAP HANA database migration. The connected ERP system(s) does not need to be running on SAP HANA.
  • SCM on HANA add-on in co-deployment with ERP on HANA -
    • pre-requisites:
    • SAP ERP on HANA
    • SCM as add-on to SAP ERP on HANA
    • If SCM is currently deployed as stand-alone system, the configuration needs to be transported to the new SCM add-on or newly installed. Master data and transaction data will be replicated from the ERP on HANA system. SCM add-on solution does still require liceCache and CIF.

What are the advantages and disadvantages running SCM as an add-on inside the ERP system?

The biggest benefit is the simplification of the enterprise architecture and the use of a shared DDIC (Data Dictionary), which enables simplified data governance. The SCM add-on system does not support multiple ERP systems, only the ERP system that hosts the SCM add-on solution will be supported.

For more details: SAP Note 1835496  - Choosing an APO deployment option: SCM Server or Add-on?

Do we still need CIF?

CIF is an integration module independent of the underlying database, and required in any deployment scenario which includes SCM on HANA is co-deployed with ERP on HANA

Do we still need liveCache part in the SCM on HANA solution?

Yes, please see the picture below for possible options:

liveCache is available to be deployed as a technical part of HANA DB from SCM 7.02, Version for HANA SP01. Means data are transferred between HANA and liveCache inside a single system.

Migrating SCM to SAP HANA with integrated SAP HANA liveCache -


If I buy the SCM Info Center now with a side by side HANA and SCM on HANA, do I have to buy two instances of HANA?

You can have a shared HANA instance to have both SCM Server and Supply Chain Info Center. However, the memory size needs to cater to both the applications. The first version of Supply Chain Info Center is planned be available by Dec 19, 2012, both in a Side by Side scenario and on a SCM on HANA scenario.

I am currently in SCM 7.02 with Oracle DB. If I upgrade to HANA, how will the data migration happen?

The current upgrade path requires an upgrade to SCM 7.02, Version for HANA on the original data base before a data base migration (export and import) to HANA takes place. The generic SUM tool (Software Update Manager) is used to upgrade an existing SCM installation to SCM7.02, version for HANA. Additionally please check the upgrade guide, installation guide that will be available in Service Market Place for SCM specific steps.