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Custom development in HANA - Customers and Partners


Can we program our own custom applications based on the SAP HANA data base?

Yes, absolutely customers and partners can develop custom applications using the Standard interfaces JDBC, ODBC, ODBO, or SQLDBC for production applications.  SAP does provide production support for all those SQL/MDX statements that are part of the official HANA release documentation.

SAP HANA SPS6  provides the inclusion of new browser based development tools for SAP HANA native application development, which allow creating html, server side JavaScript, and OData services directly within SAP HANA, without the need to install the SAP HANA Studio and Client.

Please see this blog by Thomas Jung for more details on SAP HANA SP6 developer features:

A good example of a customer developed, live production application using ODBC (.NET) is the NBA statistics site:

Certified Partner solutions can be found on the SAP HANA Store website

SAP encourages entrepreneurs to participate in the HANA start-up program to develop new SAP-HANA based applications.

The example I personally like a lot is this one from the health care area, where 2 students developed an idea for a personal mobile HANA application: