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HCM powered by SAP HANA and integration with S/4HANA


Does S/4HANA support SAP HCM HR?

Yes, the S/4HANA on premise edition: HCM Solution options for S/4 HANA

Does the SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) (HR) run on SAP HANA?

Yes, SAP HCM / HR is part of S/4HANA on-premise edition.

How is SAP HCM integrated with SAP SuccessFactors?

SuccessFactors - Useful Resources and Documents | SCN

What are the advantages of SAP HCM running on the SAP HANA database?

Please these blogs fromĀ  for great examples how SAP HCM on HANA benefits from a SAP HANA database:


The clustering of tables is a technique to overcome performance constraints of traditional RDBMS (relational Databases), with the de-clustering of the HCM tables, SAP Suite on HANA customers can now also benefit from SAP HANA Live functionality SAP HANA Live - Real-Time operational reporting , as SAP HANA Live enables the use of transparent SAP Business Suite tables to model SAP HANA views in the SAP HANA studio. SAP HANA Modeling

This lays the foundation to build custom smart business apps on top of SAP HANA Live views to combine interactive OLTP and OLAP processes in a single cockpit. Smart Business Apps based on SAP HANA Live. SAP HANA Live and Smart Business Apps are both using the VDM Virtual Data Model, which SAP has pre-built in SQL and which are delivered with SAP HANA Live.

Does SAP deliver pre-build VDM Virtual Data Models (SAP HANA Live content) also for HCM on HANA?

Yes: HCM Virtual Data Models (VDM) for SAP HANA Live