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S/4HANA On Premise System Architecture options


What is different with S/4HANA on premise edition with regards to the system architecture?

S/4HANA is cloud ready and the advantages of the multi tenant database architecture usually only reserved for SaaS applications can be also used by the S/4HANA on premise edition.

MDC OSS notes

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MCOD OSS notes

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Can we run more than application on a single SAP HANA database?

With SPS 9 SAP provides multi-tenancy capabilities to run multiple applications in individual containers (MDC - Multiple Data base Containers) on a single HANA data base, which basically replaces the MCOS/D concepts, although you can run MCOS/D in a single HANA container.

The footprint for each SAP HANA database container is less than 6 GB enabling and safeguarding unique security for each tenant, for business users and system administrators.

If a customer chooses MDC, all application run on a single db, means same revision and everything related to this, and a customer can choose a different HA/DR concept and different backup provision for each container.

More details in the TechEd && d-code 2014 session DMM109, and

Multiple Applications or Production instance can share a single SAP HANA database and hardware:

SAP recommends to use a 3-tier landscape for on premise, standard SaaS cloud deployment can run in a 2-tier setup.

WIth SDA smart data access and SDI smart data integration S/4HANA can drastically simplify traditional system architectures as SAP HANA Studio views can consume data using SQL without physical data replication at HANA speed as the data reside in the same in-memory database instance.

The power of Smart Data Access (SDA) with SAP HANA SP08


SAP HANA Master Guide incl. SDA


For Multiple applications running together on one SAP HANA data base, SAP uses the term MCOD - Multiple Components One Database.

For Multiple Components on one appliance with  multiple SAP HANA schemas and data bases SAP uses the term MCOS -  Multiple Components One Systems.

For example, one scenario is to run SAP HANA Live and a SAP HANA datamart together with BW on one SAP HANA database.

SAP supports deploying and running multiple applications on a single SAP HANA production appliance only for packaged applications and scenarios listed on the "White List" included in Support for multiple SAP HANA based applications running with a single SAP HANA system. If a particular packaged application or scenario is not on the "White List", then it is not currently supported to run together on the same SAP HANA production instance with any other packaged application or scenario.

Whitepaper - SAP HANA System Landscape Guide


In addition to MCOS/MCOD, SAP introduced the concept of co-deployment for applications which can run as add-ons for ERP implementations sharing the HANA database as well as a single schema and most importantly maybe the DDIC Data Dictiponary, reducing the need for data governance concepts. Considerations from a SLA perspective with pro and cons for the different deployment options are explored in detail in the TechEd 2013 session RDP102.


Can we run SAP BW together with SAP Suite on SAP HANA database?

BW can be run in MDC deployments with Suite applications but we recommend to evaluate in detail the pros and cons of combining a relatively small footprint in ERP with a large Data Warehouse footprint using BW.

For customers where one use case scenario for BW together with BPC/IP/BCS is the financial closing processes, SAP provides with sFIN and Suite on HANA the possibility to eliminate data transfers between systems and enables the Business to run trial P&L and Balance Sheets any time of the day and any day of the quarter, as SAP CIO Helen Arnold describes in this video.

The system architecture behind this real-time closing process is the Embbedd BW. Please see Embedded Business Warehouse | on SCN for up-to-date information, and please note that SAP does not recommend to use the embedded BW for a data warehouse use case.

Can we run the SAP ABAP Application Server on the SAP HANA database server?


SAP Release Note – 1953429 for SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP on one server.

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