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Business Process Innovation


While Business Process Re-engineering was a key driver for ERP 1.0 implementations in the 90ties, the so called "In search of excellence" movement, nowadays the impact of Big Data and the integration of consumer apps and machine data into Enterprise Business applications drives the need for companies to adapt to ERP 2.0:

What do Market leaders do differently to engage with consumers, how do they take advantage of the Internet of Things, and how do they innovate new Business Models?

Introducing the SAP Innovation Index:

The Innovation Index – developed by SAP and Professor Anthony Paoni – measures an organization’s innovation capabilities in four key areas: Execution Excellence, Leadership & Talent, Customer Centricity, and Information Advantage. This assessment gives you more than a ranking – it can also be used as a valuable tool for identifying where and how to innovate, starting you down the right path in developing an innovation roadmap.

  • Rank your business in the four key areas shown to drive innovation and sustain market leadership
  • Use online tools or work collaboratively with SAP to compare your innovation capabilities to peers
  • Receive a detailed, comprehensive report that charts and graphs your results
  • Compare your innovation capabilities to others in the same industry or line of business
  • Build an innovation roadmap and plan for improvement based on proven benchmarks

To take a survey for you rcompany and for more details:

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