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Optimizations for SAP Business Suite 4 HANA


Which optimizations have been accomplished for SAP Business Suite 4 HANA?

In General, SAP HANA allows

  • Unified Transaction and Analytic Data Store for immediate reporting on source data
  • Integrated Computation Engine for Planning and Forecasting
  • Fully Integrated In Memory Text Search
  • Data loaded directy into columnar In-Memory Data Store, therefore avoiding need to update multiple data replicas on disc, in memory, in cache,
    in aggregates, in indices and therefore simplifying database administration

In the category "Optimizations delivered by SoH/sERP" of this FAQ we grouped all currently available optimizations by application/modules..

Which specific programs and transactions have been optimized for HANA in SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA?

Please note that EHP's are available for both, SAP Business Suite and for S/4HANA - SAP Business 4 SAP HANA, but the new innovation packages delivering sFin and sLog etc. are only available for S/4HANA.

Based on customer feedback, SAP analyzed and prioritized the existing transactions, and continues to do so.

For ERP on HANA, many optimizations delivered with the Enhancement packages (EHP) are active without any manual steps required. For a detailed list of all improvements please see the attachment in the SAP note 1761546.



The optimizations in the PDF's of the SAP note above, which have an entry in the column business function need to be explicitly switched on via the switch framework (transaction SFW5), others might require need be activated in the IMG.

Additional details.

SP0: Release Notes SAP EHP6, version for SAP HANA

SP1: Release notes SAP EHP6, version for SAP HANA, SP01


How can we identify existing ERP transactions and programs which are optimized for S/4HANA?

Please review the SAP note in the line above. In addition some HANA optimized programs, like in FI, still have the same name and a H at the end of the program name.Please note, S/4HANA customers can opt to continue running classic FI with the optimizations delivered, and can choose to replace the classic FI with sFin - Simple Finance aka sFIN.

Some HANA optimized transactions still have the same name and a H at the end of the transaction ID, while other have a N at the end of the ID.

Some transactions and programs, like in SD for example, need to be HANA-enabled in the IMG which will not trigger a name change.

What is the difference between the list of transactions in the SAP note and the list in the Release notes?

The transactions and programs listed in the SAP note are automatically active after a migration to SAP HANA and require, whereas the transactions in the release notes require activation in the IMG and the activation of the Business Function in the switchframe work of the Enhancement Packages (trx SWFn).

Depending on the unique settings in a customer system, all these transactions might or might not show consistent improvements.

How can we take advantage of HANA-optimization after the migration to the SAP Business Suite 4 HANA?

The HANA-optimizations will be delivered via Enhancement Packages. For example ERP 6.0 EHP 7 includes all enhancements already included in the ERP 6 EHP 6.

Please see this SAPHANA Link for more details:

What are the options for my custom ABAP code?

Please see this white paperĀ  and the SAP HANA and ABAP page:

Examples for SAP S/4 HANA Optimization:

MM Purchasing - Purchase Order History

SD Rebate Processing