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Developing in SAP HANA


SAP HANA for Oracle Developers by the SAP HANA Academy

A Guide to SAP's Development Environments for SAP HANA and the Cloud

Information for SAP HANA Partners

10 Facts About the New Unified Developer License | SAP TechEd Online

What´s New? SAP HANA SPS 07 Web-based Development Workbench

What´s New? SAP HANA SPS 07 SAP HANA Studio Development Perspective

SAP HANA Cookbook for MySQL Developers

Can we still use ABAP for SAP HANA?


What are the best practices for to optimize query runtimes in SAP HANA?

This webinar provides lessons learned and best practices for SAP HANA query developers. Performance in SAP HANA Databases - Webinar

SAP central note SQL optimization

How does SAP HANA support Text search?

provides full exposure in SQL and a HTML5 InfoAccess Toolkit

Does SAP HANA support JSON?

How to create your geoJSON model of the world a... | SCN

How can we access a SAP HANA system to practice our SAP HANA developing skills?

SAP offers a SAP HANA Developer Edition on Amazon Cloud:

If I have a new Business idea to develop applications on the SAP HANA platform, which support does SAP provide?

SAP offers the SAP HANA Startup program to enable developers to get a jumpstart with SAP HANA:

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