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Customer Experiences with SAP HANA


SAP customer feedback from SAPPHIRE 2015:

TechEd Bangalore 2015 keynote ca. 1h and 5 minutes: Asian Paint shares their experiences

Where can we look up customer references for SAP HANA?

Complete list of reference customers and videos:

South African RSSC made the decision to assess its IT environment across 23 different legacy systems and implement Suite on HANA

Queensland Treasury’s Office of State Revenue in Australia has reaped the state an extra $27 million in revenue from tax payments using Suite on HANA.,qld-state-revenue-reaps-27m-from-hana-implementation.aspx

adidas: “We will plan a step-by-step, non-disruptive approach of taking every database below our SAP systems away and replacing them with SAP HANA, but we want to ensure that our SAP systems are joining a shared platform. This is important to us because of our desire to have real-time changes in customer relationship management (CRM), for example, be automatically reflected in our reporting.”

Unilever enhances their Supply Chain processes with SAP HANA and acelerates their month-end-closing process:

Unilever uses SAP HANA to Enhance its Supply Chain Decision Making - YouTube

SAP HANA at Faurecia - YouTube

Usha International Customer Testimonial Video - YouTube

Joskin Group runs SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA - YouTube