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SAP HANA Cookbook for MySQL Developers


By  Dr. Swapan Saha, Senior Director, HANA Cloud Engineering & Ashish Sahu, Director, HANA Marketing (Advanced Analytics)

Easily Build Real-time Advanced Analytics into your MySQL Applications - MySQL + HANA One

SAP HANA is a modern in-memory columnar database designed to capture, store, and query terabytes of data in real-time. SAP HANA One is a cloud-based instance of SAP HANA that allows users to simultaneously store (OLTP) and analyze (OLAP) data in the cloud providing the ability to build advanced analytic applications as extensions to existing MySQL applications. With SAP HANA One, you’ll be able to:

  • Turbo-charge your applications - Accelerate under-performing applications by delivering real-time insights and a snappy user experience.
  • Leverage Ad-hoc Analytics Manage and analyze volumes of data while large quantities of machine data are being generated and captured.
  • Enable Query Processing- Use SQL to perform predictive, text and geospatial analytics by combining relational with unstructured text and location data.

SAP has developed a free users guide - The SAP HANA One Cookbook - to help MySQL and other open source developers gain an understanding of the types of analytic applications that SAP HANA One makes possible and to provide a step-by-step guide to deploying some of the most commonly used of these applications.

The cookbook contains the following sections:

  • Run SAP HANA One side-by-side with MySQL
  • Use Open Source ETL to batch load MySQL data into SAP HANA One
  • Make your apps location-intelligent by running geospatial processing on SAP HANA One
  • Perform ad-hoc analytics with your MySQL data moved loaded on SAP HANA One
  • Leverage full-text search, natural language processing and sentiment intelligence in SAP HANA One
  • Build predictive applications using native or R algorithms using SAP HANA One

View Cookbook

View Cookbook

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