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SAP HANA and SAP SCM liveCache


What is the difference between SAP HANA and SAP SCM liveCache?

The SAP liveCache technology can be characterized by a hybrid main-memory database with intensive usage of database procedure, implemented today on traditional RDBMS like DB2, SQL etc., whereas HANA is a In Memory data base running on HANA DB.

The SAP liveCache technology significantly increases the speed of the algorithmically complex, data- and runtime-intensive functions of various SAP applications, especially within SAP Supply Chain Management. It combines the advantages of main memory-based data retention with a complete operating concept, including backup & recovery. The application functions are provided by database procedures (liveCache Applications) having an extremely fast access to all application data which can completely cached in main-memory and are organized in relational but mainly object oriented manner.

What is SAP HANA?

- SAP HANA is a modern platform leveraging the power of in-memory computing

- Enables to drive businesses in real-time on an ever increasing massive volume of data

- Can be deployed as an appliance or delivered via the cloud


- Innovative yet non-disruptive platform for managing large volumes and variety of data at high speeds

- Real-time access with real-time replication services and data integration capabilities

- Complete and instant insight with flexible data calculation engines, reporting and analytics models

- Simplified IT landscape with a multi-purpose in-memory appliance and reduced layers

For more information about these topics see attached links.

Where can I find more information about SCM powered by HANA?

There is also an entire page dedicated to SAP SCM on HANA in our sister Suite on HANA FAQ.

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