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BW (SAP Business Warehouse)

High Availability (HA) and Disaster Tolerance (DT)


What are the SAP BW on HANA capabilities for High Availability (HA) and Disaster Tolerance (DT)?

BW on HANA offers all High Availability with failover and Disaster Tolerance capabilities that the HANA DB offers. High availability is offered with failover from active to passive nodes. However, especially capabilities for Disaster Tolerance can differ by HW vendors. Please contact your HW vendor for details.

Gartner published a detailed article explaining SAP HANA's strong HA/DR capabilities.

Please also see these SAP HANA whitepapers for details of capabilities delivered with HANA.

High Availability FAQ:

The link to the video below shows a live demo of a failover of a master and slave node.

There are also blogs that describes more details about this.

There is also a page about this topic in the SoH FAQ where additional information might be found.

During a power failure, will the BW information which is stored in the memory be lost?

Every HANA system, hence a BW on HANA environment, has a persistent storage to back-up all information on a constant base, from which the data of a BW on HANA system can be restored into memory. In the video link below you can review the end-to-end process.

Where can I find more technical and implementation information about HANA's High Availability (HA) and Disaster Tolerance (DT)?

The HANA Administrator Guide contains a lot of detailed information about this topic including step by step instructions.

HP Technical Whitepaper for SAP HANA Disaster Tolerant Solution