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DBA aspects


Which DBA skills are required in a BW on HANA environment?

The dependency on DB Administration has been reduced to a large extent. Delta courses for existing DBA resources are being offered.

How is the decision made which objects/tables are placed in a row store and which in a column store?

The HANA DB offers storage design for both, column and row stores. BW on HANA makes the decision automatically, there is no need for configuration.
It is assumed that part of database tables will be stored in row store (all tables that are NOT generated by BW). In cleansed BW system this is usually about 60 GB worth of data. However, with large customer data tables, this size can grow significantly. Note 1637145 contains a script that identifies row store and column store tables and their cumulated sizes.
Please ensure all BW house keeping tasks are up-to-date in the existing productive system beforeĀ  a system copy/export, or latest in the BW on HANA system before go-live, as ideally the size of the row store tables would not exceed 200 GB.

Please see this BW on HANA housekeeping information:
Please subscribe the SAP Note notes to receive regular update.

You can find a list of the tables stored in the row store in OSS note: 1659383

Are the SAP BW DBA cockpit transactions still applicable with HANA DB?

All BW transactions and functions remain the same.

How are BW InfoProviders/tables partitioned in the HANA database?

All important InfoProviders/tables have multi-level partitioning enabled. However, only the second level is determined by the application, and only for standard DSOs this can be configured by customers. Here is how the data is partitioned:

  • PSA (/BIC/B<psa>): HASH based on techn. key, RANGE based on PARTNO
  • Standard DSO (/BIC/A0<dso>): HASH based on techn. or semantic key, RANGE based on user-defined time char.
  • DSO act.queue (/BIC/A4<dso>): HASH based on techn. key
  • WriteOptimized DSO (/BIC/A0<dso>): HASH based on techn. or semantic key, RANGE based on PARTNO
  • InfoCube (/BIC/F<ic>): Round-Robin, RANGE based on RequID

Please make sure to review OSS note 2019973 which explains in detail all best practices around dealing with large data volume tables!

What's behind the 'delta merge' and how does this work in detail?

Please have a look to this detailed how to guide to find out more about HANA's insert only on delta.

What is the best way to troubleshoot performance issues in the HANA database of my BW on HANA system?

There is an excellent note that describes all best practices in regard to troubleshooting HANA database performance issues. It also provides tools to check on correct parameter settings etc.

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