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Installation, Implementation, Master Guides


How do we install, implement, configure and run BW on HANA?

Best Practices for the migration to BW on HANA can be found in the following link.

Please also review the "SAP First Guidance" Document (link attached), which helps Basis Administrators to install and operate BW on HANA system. Also available is a readiness guide.

New Installation/Import - Including Unified Installer

For best practice on BW system copy for a existing BW 7.3 on RDBMS to BW on HANA migration, please see this link in the SCN, which describes the steps for a system copy from a Productive BW on 7.3 on RDBMS to a BW on HANA system.

Regarding BEx  3.5/7.x related and Java related changes after upgrading to BW 7.3x have a look to this page on SCN.

In addition there is also a very concise migration workplan posted.

Where can I get HANA master guides and upgrade information?

On the SAP Help portal, please see attached link.