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BW (SAP Business Warehouse)

Java Stack for BW on HANA


What do we need a Java stack for in BW on HANA? When can I leverage the built-in Java server of BI 4.x?

A Java instance is still required to run BEx Web and BICS. The Java component BW-IP modeler is redeveloped for BW 7.30 in ABAP HTTP, so the Java Server will not be used anymore for the BW-IP infrastructure in the future after BW 7.30.

In many cases the in-built Java engine of the BI 4.0 FP3 platform will be sufficient to support BEx Web / BICS. However, there are some limitations:

- Information Broadcasting to Portal/KM not supported

- Document Integration with KM not supported

- Report-to-report interface (RRI) not supported

- Portal themes not supported

- BEx Web Templates from only one BW Master System

- Only Export Library supported (no ADS)

- SAP Dashboards (formerly Xcelsius) not supported

Please see link to SDN blog and note 1541365 - Integration of BEx Web into BI Platform 4.0

We have done the dual stack BW migration from 7.0 to 7.3. Now we are considering to migrate the BW system to HANA. If we do the OS/DB migration from Oracle/Unix to HANA , what will happen to BEx Web that runs on the Java stack? Are dual stack installations of JAVA and ABAP servers still supported with SAP NetWeaver BW running on HANA?

The dual stack MUST be split BEFORE migrating to HANA

Two scenarios for the HANA deployment:

1. Separate Java stack that need to be split from the ABAP stack

2. Using BI 4.x  which includes a Java engine which supports BEx Web and BICS.

An option for the separation of the existing Doublestack (Abap and Java in one instance) into two separate stacks is the deinstallation of the Java Add-In with SAPInst.

Does BI JAVA run on HANA or do I need a separate database to be used for the NetWeaver JAVA stack for BI JAVA?

Since SAP NetWeaver 7.4 SP04 BI JAVA for BW can run on HANA. Please check note 1849151 and 1666670 for more information.