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BW (SAP Business Warehouse)

BWA - SAP BW Accelerator


What is the difference between SAP NetWeaver BW Powered by SAP HANA and SAP BW Accelerator?

SAP BW Accelerator (SAP BWA) was the first step in bringing the innovation of in-memory to data warehousing. A portion of SAP NetWeaver BW data was replicated to a separate ‘accelerator’ server in order to improve query performance in SAP NetWeaver BW.

In contrast, SAP NetWeaver BW Powered by SAP HANA actually runs the entire BW application on the SAP HANA database. Where the BWA only accelerated reporting on selected InfoProviders, BW on HANA improves data load and calculation performance in addition to query performance.

What is the performance improvement of BW on HANA over BW with BWA?

BW on HANA is a HANA optimized application and reporting performance is comparable (or even better) than with BWA. In addition customers experience major improvements during data loads, as well as in memory support for the BW supported planning applications, like BW-IP and BPC.

Is the query runtime on BW on HANA as fast as using the BWA?

The query runtime between BW on HANA and BWA is comparable, in some scenarios  queries will run faster in a BW on HANA than with BWA. Please see the detailed explanation in the document in the link. With BW on HANA all queries now run in memory, not only those where the index has been built in BWA.

What happens with the BWA?

BWA is obsolete after migration from BW to BW on HANA.  SAP offers a investment protection program to get credited for BWA licenses. Please contact your SAP Account Executive for more details.

Also, some hardware vendors may credit for BWA hardware in case new hardware is purchased for the HANA server. Please contact your hardware vendor for more details.

Can SAP BWA customers re-use their current hardware for SAP HANA?

Customers need to work with their BWA hardware providers to determine if their equipment is sufficient or can be modified to meet the new requirements.

Please contact your hardware vendor for more details.

If BW on HANA eliminates BWA, does that also mean that BWA-in-memory indices do not need to be build anymore?

With BW on HANA the BWA index build is eliminated. All data are immediately available after data loads.

In BWA one limitation is around calculated key figures with exception aggregation. Does BW on HANA eliminate this restriction?

In general reporting on BW on HANA has the same functionality as with SAP NetWeaver BW 7.30 and BW Accelerator 7.20.

Please see the document SAP BusinessObjects Explorer on BW on HANA for more details on additional functionality:

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