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BW (SAP Business Warehouse)

General Information for BW on HANA


Is there a short video to get an overview on BW on HANA?

Yes, this one is entertaining and fun.

SAP is announcing that SAP NetWeaver BW will now be able to run on SAP HANA. What does this mean?

SAP HANA is SAP's  technology platform for modern Business applications.

SAP NetWeaver BW Powered by SAP HANA enables SAP customers to migrate their existing SAP NetWeaver BW to a modern Business application by using SAP HANA in-memory database. BW customers continue to run the BW application on the App server, but the data base server will run the SAP HANA data base leading to unprecedented BW performance, a dramatically simplified IT landscape, and a business community able to make faster decisions.

What are the Top 10 reasons for a migration from BW on RDBMS to BW on HANA In-Memory DB?

1. Simplicity - Fewer layers, lower cost

2. Faster data loads - Faster data activation in DSOs and faster data loads to InfoCubes

3. In Memory planning - In-Memory planning engine enables faster planning cycles

4. Agility - Faster structural changes – agility for business users

5. Query performance - Excellent query performance on all DB objects without additional efforts

6. Data volume reduction - Smart compression logic of data leads to significant reduction of space required to store data

7. Any Source - Gain insights from any source

8. Real-Time - Enable real-time interactions across Note  your value chain

9. Analysis - Unlock new insights with predictive, complex analysis

10. All Data - Manage massive data volume at high speed

Does SAP use internally BW on HANA?

Yes SAP runs SAP, and SAP runs BW on HANA.

What is BW Orange?

BW Orange is the SAP internal code name for the development of BW on HANA, so Orange is BW on HANA.

Is HANA 1.5 the same release as BW on HANA?

Yes. HANA 1.5 was the originally planned release name for BW on top of HANA. But the name was changed and the release became HANA 1.0 SP3.

How does SAP co-innovate on the SAP HANA platform?

SAP announced the creation of a US$155 million venture capital fund for startups that build applications on the HANA platform.

SAP provides developer licenses for HANA DB on Amazon Web Services.

What is the SAP Collaboration website for SAP NetWeaver BW customers and developers?

The website is the central place to share information specifically for HANA. In addition there is also a chapter on the SAP Developer Network for HANA.

Where can I get more detailed information about BW on HANA?

Detailed help, release notes, installation and upgrade information, security information, system administration and maintenance information, application help and sizing can be found via attached link.

Where can I find the Customer Solution Adoption (CSA) Know-How Webinars?


Where can I find the HowTo Guides?


Is BW on HANA part of SAP's vision of the SAP Real-Time Data Platform (RTDP)?

Absolutely, BW on HANA is actually the first solution showcasing interoperability between HANA and the Sybase IQ data base. BW on HANA utilizes IQ as the NLS (nearline storage database) to manage cold data and reducing the daily back-up storage, and make the cold data accessible for query consumption. Please view these statements of directions for more details on the roadmap.

Does SAP HANA eliminate the need for BW? Does HANA replace BW?

Not at all. Although the SAP HANA database has the potential to eliminate the need in most cases for an Operational Data Mart, as the vision of Suite on HANA is to "re-import" all operational reporting back into the Business Suite, or as Hasso Plattner said, "putting the R for real-time back into R/3", there will still be a need for a data warehouse.

High level tasks of a data warehouse are generally accepted as:
• Integrating data from various data sources to common semantics given by the Data Warehouse data model
• Harmonizing data values
• Establishing a ‘single version of truth’ as a source for data marts, delivering a common view of enterprise data
• Providing a single, comprehensive source of current and historical information
• etc.

SAP Executive Board Member and CTO Dr. Vishal Sikka made a very clear statement about the future of BW at TechEd 2013. Watch the following short interview. (the BW part starts around minute 8)

With S/4HANA the same questions starts coming up again about BW being replaced by it. Is that true?

I recommend to read the following article that outlines some of the aspects around this topic. The question should more be "Does S/4HANA remove the need for Data Warehousing?" since BW is a Data Warehousing toolset / application. The URL might be misleading in terms of what the content addresses.

I also recommend to check the EDW section of this FAQ space which contains more information related to this topic.