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How do I get started with HANA


SAP HANA for Beginners

General overview of all HANA features

Where can I access the BW on HANA product roadmap?

On the service marketplace and SCN.

Where can I find the SAP HANA product roadmap?

What is the official HANA website to find more information?

Is there a specific BW on HANA area in

What is the HANA landing page on the SAP Developer Network?

Is there a central location for all SAP HANA technical information?

Yes, please see this link to find more technical information about SAP HANA.

There is also a great page from the Hasso Plattner Institut (HPI) that explains 'How does SAP HANA work?'.

Besides BW on HANA, what other SAP HANA applications are available?

For Suite on HANA have a look to the corresponding FAQ page.

For general information about applications on top of HANA see attached links.

What is the overall SAP database strategy?

See all product roadmaps under the category 'Databases', especially for the SAP Real-time Data Platform.

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