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BW (SAP Business Warehouse)

Upgrade / Migration - General


ASUG conducted a Q&A session with focus on BW on HANA migration on February 9th 2015. Many interesting questions have were answered during that session.

Is the BW to BW on HANA migration a database migration or an application migration?

It is a database migration in the same way for example a migration from a Oracle DB to an IBM DB would be performed. The DB migration doesn’t require any re-implementation on the application side - no disruption of existing scenarios.
The DB migration step could be compared to a technical upgrade.
The step comparable to a functional upgrade is the conversion of InfoCubes/DSOs to the new HANA-optimized InfoCubes/DSOs, which is not part of the database migration and not an application migration. The conversion of existing InfoProviders to the HANA optimized InfoProviders can be done selectively for individual InfoProviders, and is a separate task that is performed in the BW transaction RSMIGRHANADB. It is also possible to convert objects individually in the admin workbench.

What are the prerequisites for a BW on HANA data base migration?

1. The BW system must be on a NetWeaver BW 7.3 SP 7 release or BW 7.31 SP 4 (however we recommend SP 5) including  7.x BW authorization (Analysis Authorization)

2. HANA version 1.0 SP3

3. The BW system must be Unicode compatible (Unicode conversion can be done during the database migration to HANA)

4. SAP NetWeaver Dual Stack is not supported in HANA, means ABAP and JAVA Stack need to be split before migration on separate servers.

Is there a direct upgrade path to SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3 for all SAP NetWeaver BW releases, to be able to migrate the BW on RDBMS system to BW on HANA?

There is only a direct upgrade path  from the BW 7.0 release. Customers running earlier versions than 7.0 can request a Go-Live Assessment (from AGS) as part of their maintenance to determine how best to upgrade to the SAP NetWeaver BW 7.30 release.

Can we upgrade to 7.3 and migrate to HANA in a single step, and how long would such a project take?

The DMO migration approach will execute upgrade and migration in one step. Please have a look to the corresponding page.

At the low end we have seen a 4-5 weeks project duration for both steps, and at the high end 4-5 months. During the longer period customers also did some re-design of the BW data model.

Is the entire SAP NetWeaver BW database including metadata converted from RDBMS to the in-memory database?

Yes, the RDBMS is completely removed from the technology stack and by default, all data is migrated.

How long does the actual DB migration take?

As we showcased during teh TechEd 2012 in Las Vegas, under 3h. If you follow SAP’s best practices and guidelines like the ‘End-to-End Implementation Roadmap  (to find on the entire project can be completed under two weeks, like for example Red Bull did in their BW on HANA project.

SAP Services offers RDS (Rapid Deployment Solution) for a data base migration.

Please contact your SAP client partner for more details.

Do all my SAP BW add-ons still work after the migration?

Please see note 1600929 for detailed information, and please subscribe to the SAP Note notes to receive regular updates.

If upgrading BW from 7.0 to 7.3 for the HANA adoption, and the SAP Enterprise Portal 7.0 is used for the front end BI reporting tools, do we need to upgrade the EP to certain level?

If there is a BI-Java component in the portal (EP Usage type BI-BW) that is being used with the BW system then it to must be upgraded to 7.3 as well.

As long as the Enterprise Portal is a separate  portal and is not being used as the BI Java portal, there is no need.

What approach is better? Upgrade/migration of the existing BW system or starting with a fresh installation in parallel?

There are different options and several considerations for either one. We see about 50% of the customers upgrading/migrating the existing system. The other 50% prefer to start with a new installation as an opportunity to get rid of unused objects, bad data model designs etc. A new installation also doesn't require an upgrade either.

Have a look to this webinar from our CSA folks that discusses this topic in detail.

Is there any check tool that helps to identify upgrade dependencies to source systems etc.?

There is a Upgrade Dependency Analyzer available on the service marketplace.

Are there any checklists and tools that help to prepare the system in addition to the standard technical migration checklists e.g. checking custom ABAP coding?

There are two very helpful tools that have been put together by some of our best BW experts.

- SAP BW Checklist Tool for SAP HANA -

- SAP BW ABAP Routine Analyzer -

There is also a short blog by John Appleby about the 10 Golden Rules for SAP BW on HANA Migrations.

It has been quite difficult to find one place that documents all new features provided with each BW support package. Is there anything new that makes this easier?

In general every new release or support package is documented in detail in the release note section in the BW online documentation - SAP NetWeaver 7.4 – SAP Help Portal Page. However to get a good overview and summary of all changes across different support packages and also if the corresponding feature is HANA-only check out this blog by @Marc Bernard.

Is there any dependency between BW and HANA releases? Does a certain BW version require a specific minimum HANA release?

This is documented in note 1600929.