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BW (SAP Business Warehouse)

Upgrade / Migration for BW objects


Do we need to upgrade BW 3.x data flow objects to BW 7.x objects to be able to use HANA as database?

The only BW 3.x objects mandatory to be migrated are the 3.x authorizations as this is already a prerequisite for the upgrade to BW 7.3 independent of the underlying database. All other objects will still work with BW on HANA. However, in order to take full advantage of all HANA capabilities like the new HANA optimized InfoProviders the data flows for those InfoProviders, which are to be converted to HANA optimized InfoProviders, need to be converted to 7.x data flows first.

How long does a conversion from a standard InfoCube to a HANA optimized InfoCube take?

An example from our ramp-up customers is an InfoCube conversion with 400 million records, which completed in 12  minutes.

Can the data remain in the InfoProviders during a conversion from traditional to HANA-optimized InfoProviders?

Yes, the conversion is non-disruptive. The data on the InfoProviders do not need to be off- and then re-loaded.

Do I need to migrate BW 3.x data flows (transfer- and update rules) to 7.x data flows, transformations and DTPs before a migration to BW on HANA?

The 3.x data flows will still work, but all new development will be made available only for BW 7.x data flows. Therefore the 7.x data flow is mandatory for HANA-optimized InfoProviders.

After the migration from BW to BW on HANA, several tasks in an existing  process chain like for example BWA roll-up, Aggregate roll-up (change run), deletion and creation of InfoCube Indexes, will not be necessary any more. As part of the migration, do we need to clean up the process chain and delete these tasks? Will the process chain fail?

The process chain will continue to run without errors, and these steps will not be executed. The log of the process chain will show the steps as not being executed.

Does a BW on HANA implementation still require the LSA layers after the migration?

The LSA (Layered Scalable Architecture) is SAP’s best practice to implement an EDW with SAP BW. This data modeling concept is based on the concept of Bill Inmon’s CIF (Corporate Information Factory).  The BW on HANA optimized LSA (LSA++)  streamlines the BW data modeling and takes full advantage of the in-memory capabilities.

What will happen to existing BEx reports after the migration to BW on HANA?

Neither the migration to BW 7.3 on HANA nor the conversion of DSOs or InfoCubes to "HANA-optimized" InfoProviders requires any changes of BEx queries. BEx queries can be used as-is.

Do all my SAP BW add-ons still work after the migration?

Please see note 1600929 for detailed information. Please subscribe to the SAP note to receive regular updates.

Should all InfoCubes and DSOs be converted to the HANA-optimized versions?

The conversion of existing InfoProviders to the HANA optimized InfoProviders is optional, and can be done selectively for individual InfoProviders. The conversion can either be started in the BW Admin Workbench or with BW transaction RSMIGRHANADB.

It is recommended to analyze the existing InfoCubes if they are still required in a BW on HANA architecture.

For more details about when an object should be converted and when not see linked document.

In BW 7.4 MultiProviders are succeeded by CompositeProviders. Is there an automated conversion tool for migrating MultiProviders into CompositeProviders?

Yes. Please see more information the section 'Automated Processes for BW on HANA Migration' within this FAQ.