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BW (SAP Business Warehouse)

RDS / Consulting / Services


Which SAP Consulting Services are available for BW on HANA?

There are several SAP Consulting services available. Examples are:

- Unicode Conversion Service

- BW Authorization Migration

- Data Volume Optimization for SAP NetWeaver BW

- RDS - Rapid Database Migration of SAP NetWeaver BW 7.30 to SAP HANA

- RDS - Rapid Data Migration to SAP NetWeaver BW

- etc.

Please contact your SAP client partner or SAP account executive.

Are we required to use SAP services for the DB migration from Oracle to HANA?

No, we have customers migrating their landscape using their internal IT services or SAP partners.

In case you are interested to use SAP's RDS (Rapid Deployment Solution) for a DB migration, please contact your SAP client partner.

Is there a BW on HANA implementation roadmap, or best practice available?

Please see link to E2E End-to-End BW on HANA implementation roadmap for installation best practices. For BW on HANA data modeling practices please refer to the LSA++ methodology.

SAP Services provides a RDS (Rapid Deployment Solution) for a BW to BW on HANA migration, and the roadmap and project plan and best practices are part of the package.

The ASAP methodology version is not available yet.

What is the best place to find information to start a SAP HANA project?

Please see the link for the SAP HANA readiness guide.

What is the difference between Business Content and RDS?

Business Content is part of SAP product releases, hence part of maintenance and SAP Support.

RDS (Rapid Deployment Solution) is a service enabled rapid deployment offered by SAP Services, e.g. BW on HANA migration.

Is there also an Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) available for SAP's new native NLS solution for BW on HANA with Sybase IQ?

Yes, this is available since October 1, 2013.

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