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What is SLT?

SLT stands for SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server (SLT) running on the NetWeaver Platform. SLT is the ideal solution for all HANA customers who need real-time (and non-realtime) data replication sourcing from SAP ERP or non-SAP systems into HANA. Please see the links for more details.

SLT in the context of SAP HANA:

SLT landing page in SCN:

Detailed presentation for SLT:

Loading from non-SAP system using SLT:

Can we build data models in the SAP HANA data mart to be loaded from the same ECC table across different SAP source systems using SLT?

Yes, it is possible to replicate the same table of different SAP systems to one HANA system. This is possible even into one table. For this, either the key can be enhanced (e.g. logical system name) or manual checking for the primary index is required (duplicate records).

What are the performance impacts on the SAP ECC system when multiple large SAP tables like BSEG are replicated at the same time? Is there a guideline for a specific volume or kind of tables?

There is no explicit guideline since aspects as server performance as well as change rate of the tables are also relevant. As a rule of thumb, one dedicated replication job per large table is recommended.

Does theĀ  source system for a SLT data transfer to be Unicode compliant?

No, you can use a SLT system which is Unicode compliant to replicate your data, but the SAP HANA target system needs to be Unicode enabled.

Does SLT support the extraction of cluster tables from ECC?

Yes, ECC Cluster tables can be loaded from ECC to a BW on HANA system using SLT.

Can I use SLT to transfer data between SAP HANA systems?

Yes, starting with SAP LT Replication Server 2.0 SP3 (DMIS 2011 SP3) and HANA SP05.

Can I use SLT to load directly into BW, i.e. not to HANA natively but into BW (on HANA)?

Yes. There is a note and a presentation that describe in detail how this is possible.

There is also a webinar from January 24, 2013 with the title 'Real-time Data Warehousing with SAP LT Replication Server (SLT) for SAP Business Warehose (BW) that explains the details.

Where can I find more technical information and installation guides?

Installation guide:

Deep dive how-to guides / videos:

With BW 7.4 there is a new integration scenario between SLT and BW via Operational Data Provisioning (ODP). Where can I find more information about this?