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BW (SAP Business Warehouse)

ETL - Extraction Transformation Loading


Which data load processes can be used for BW on HANA?

BW on HANA supports all existing SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3 ETL processes, e.g. the traditional BW Business Suite Extractors thru SAPI and/or with SAP BusinessObjects DataServices 4.x, flat file, DB Connect, UD Connect, Web Services etc.

Depending on your HANA Edition you can use the ETL tools included and/or supported by the HANA appliance to upload directly into the HANA DB, e.g. SLT (SAP LT Replication Server) and flat file (CSV, XLS, XLSX) upload mechanism including automatic table creation in HANA Studio.

Here is a good overview of the different tools with regard to HANA.

For SLT you can find more information here:

When would SAP DataServices be used to load data into BW on HANA?

SAP DataServices is a fully loaded ETL tool supporting the load of structured and un-structured data from SAP and non-SAP sources. Whenever a sophisticated ETL tool is needed SAP DataServices is the right tool of choice. SAP DataServices can also be used to consolidate and streamline extraction from SAP sources, for example to execute SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3 extractors in parallel by different keys (e.g. company code). SAP DataServices can be used to load un-structured data into the HANA applicance.

There is a great article about DataServices integration with BW.

Are there plans to roll out new real-time data sources for BW on HANA that would replicate the data automatically in real-time just like SLT can do directly into SAP HANA datamarts?

Data replicated to HANA directly in real-time via SLT can also be consumed within BW on HANA. In BW on HANA we can combine the SLT real-time custom data marts from the HANA schema with BW data models via Transient or Virtual InfoProviders. SLT can also be used to load data directly into the BW managed area of a BW on HANA system.

Do we still need the BW extractors when we can use SLT for a direct data replication to HANA?

Yes. BW extractors provide business logic and semantics to the source data, where SLT only replicates tables 1:1.

Can the BW extractors be used for the extraction of Business Suite data to HANA data models in a BW on HANA system?

Yes. SAP DataServices can be used to leverage BW Standard Extractors in the Business Suite to push data into BW as well as into a HANA custom data mart. However, only certain DataSources are enabled to be used with DataServices. For more information please see note 1558737.

You can also use Direct Extractor Connection (DXC) to extract data from the Business Suite to HANA directly by using the BW Standard Extractors.

When would I use which of the different HANA data model load options, SLT vs. DXC vs. SAP DataServices vs. Sybase Replication Server?

Please see the link for the ASUG  Webcast 'Provisioning Data into SAP HANA'.

Learn about all of the options to get your data into SAP HANA: what are they, how do they work, when is it appropriate to use one over the other?

  • Bulk loading
  • Real-Real-time data loads
  • Trigger-based replication
  • ETL-based replication
  • Business content replication from SAP Business Suite

What is DXC? What does DXC mean for SAP BW on HANA?

SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connection (DXC) utilizes the DataSource Extractors that exist in SAP Business Suite systems to load data directly from the BW InfoPackage into HANA.

DXC works with generic DataSources and with any SAP-delivered DataSource with customer extensions and is available in GA with HANA SP 4.

DXC is  available in a “sidecar” approach (a system landscape variation) using the BW application in a ECC system.

DXC leverage pre-existing foundational data models of SAP BW Business Content for use in SAP HANA data mart scenarios, whereas SLT provides real-time data acquisition approach using individual tables in the SAP Business Suite.

DXC does not replace the SAP BW scenario, instead DXC leverage SAP Delivered BW Business Content DataSources to significantly reduces complexity of data modeling tasks in SAP HANA data marts and to speed up timelines for customer’s implementation projects.

For more technical information please see the link for the SAP note 1665602.

SAP HANA-Direct Extractor Connection (DXC)-Overview

SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connection Implementation Guide

Can we use non-SAP ETL tools to load data into a HANA custom data mart residing on a BW on HANA system?

Currently only SAP DataServices are certified and therefore supported by SAP. HANA is based on open SQL Standards, therefore technically other ETL solutions are possible.

SAP is open for partners and 3rd-party vendors to certify their solutions for SAP HANA. Please see this link for more details.

How can SuccessFactors talent data be integrated into BW?

See the following blog that describes in detail how this is possible.

Since BW on HANA is always a Unicode system, how does the system work with non-Unicode source systems? Will the BW extractors still work?

Even if the source system e.g. ECC is still a non-Unicode system the BW extractors will exactly work as before. No additional adjustments are required.