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Unstructured Data


Can we load unstructured data into BW on HANA?

The SAP AHNA Platform can process all kind of data types even in an unstructured format. That data can either be stored in HANA or access virtually from remote systems like Hadoop during runtime. For the latter HANA's data virtualization and federation framework Smart Data Access (SDA) manages the data access. Once unstructured data is part of a HANA data model it can also be consumed through the BW layer e.g.via CompositeProvider or Open ODS View.

Can unstructured data files like jpg, word docs, txt, pdfs etc. be stored in HANA?

Yes, structured and unstructured data can be stored in HANA data models within a BW on HANA system. This includes multi-media files like jpg, images, video, etc.

Can I load from HADOOP to the HANA DB?

Yes, with SAP DataServices we can load data from HADOOP to SAP Sybase IQ as well as the SAP HANA database. Please view this session presented during SAPPHIRE 2012 for more details.

Please see this link to an ASUG demo showing SAP BusinessObjects on HADOOP and HANA:

For SAP HANA and HADOOP use case scenarios please see this link:

Big Data for Enterprise Customers Leveraging Hadoop Distributed File System and SAP Real Time Data Platform on HANA

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