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Planning Applications


How will SAP NetWeaver BW Powered by SAP HANA impact SAP NetWeaver BW Integrated Planning (IP)?

SAP NetWeaver BW-IP will continue to work without the need to make any changes to existing planning models. SAP NetWeaver BW 7.30 has improvements specifically in the area of Integrated Planning, which are supported in SAP HANA.

In addition, utilizing  PAK (Planning Application Kit), most IP models will have much better planning performance in BW on HANA due to the processing being pushed down from the application layer into the SAP HANA database and calculation engine.

Please contact your SAP account executive for more information.

Are all BW-IP (BW Integrated Planning) planning functions with BW on HANA optimized for deep in-memory acceleration?

Many planning functions are already fully supported in HANA, while some are currently limited to the ABAP engine only. SAP is developing these functions in HANA to deliver them in future releases.

Please see link to SAP note 1637199 for more details and please subscribe to the note for update-to-date information.

Does SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) run on HANA?

Yes,  BW on HANA is the foundation to run BPC on HANA, version for SAP NetWeaver

Does BPC on HANA support in-memory planning capabilities like BW-IP?

Both IP and BPC on HANA use full in-memory read capabilities. With regards to write capabilities there are many new developments in IP and BPC underway providing ongoing enhancements to take advantage of the HANA data base. Please see the attached link for details in the BPC development, time plan and for up-to-date SAP notes.

For BW-IP please see link to SAP note 1637199 for more details.

What are the requirements for BPC on HANA? Can you migrate a BPC on BW/SQL Server to BPC on BW HANA? What is involved?

1. BPC 10 (see note 1660062) or BPC 7.53 (see note 1714013)

2. BW 7.3 SP5 running on HANA 1.0 SP4

3. Yes, you can migrate a BPC running on BW with a SQL server database to BPC running on BW with HANA

4. BPC for Microsoft cannot be migrated to HANA at this point of time.

What is the best practice for getting started with BPC on HANA, including installation comments, initial configuration, migration from a BPC on classic DB, and performance tips and tricks to get your system up and running fast and efficiently on the latest platform from SAP.

BPC on HANA requires BW on HANA, please see the SAP CSA Customer Solution Adaption recording and presentation in this link.

Is SAP BPS (Business Planning and Simulation) supported by BW on HANA?

Please see note 1600929 for detailed information. It will refer to release dependent information regarding add-ons, e.g. note 1826531 for add-on compatibility for NetWeaver 7.4.

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Is there a HANA supported Trade Promotion Planning application available?

Yes, Accelerated Trade Promotion Planning is generally available to customers now.

Are there any best practices how to migrate existing BAdI Implementations in BPC to a BPC on HANA environment?