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What is the difference between MDC, MCOS, MCOD etc. and what is possible with HANA?

The following chart should give a good overview.

Where can I find more information about MDC - Multitenant Database Containers?

Please have a look to the following links.

The following blog contains a collection of very useful video clips demonstrating various features of MDC.

And note 2096000 is a collection of all important information around MDC.

Note 2121768 specifically points out some important considerations with regard to BW on HANA and MDC.

Does a SAP BW on HANA environment support more than one HANA application?

SAP HANA supports multiple applications on a single DB. As you can see in the chart above there are several options. Either MCOD or MDC are the preferred options to run multiple application on a single HANA database in production environments.

Can we run additional HANA applications on a BW on HANA environment?

Which HANA applications can run in the same environment?

For production environments there is the option of MDC or MCOD as mentioned above. With regard to MCOD please refer to note 1661202.

Can we run a BW on HANA DEV and QA environment on the same box?

Both MCOS and MDC is supported for non-production systems. Please see the comparison chart above. The preferred option is MDC since it allows to clearly separate resources. Please see further information about MDC above. Regarding MCOS and its limitations please refer to note 1681092.

Can I run the CO-PA HANA accelerator on the same box as BW on HANA?

Yes, this is possible with both MCOD and MDC deployments. With regard to MCOD please refer to note 1661202.

Does MDC require a minimum BW release?

MDC works with any BW release. BW 7.3 is the first release that was supported to run on HANA. However, MDC requires at least HANA SPS09 as stated in noteĀ  2096000. For compatibility information between BW and HANA releases please refer to note 1600929.