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BW (SAP Business Warehouse)

BW on HANA benchmarks


Are there any formal benchmarks defined to analyse the performance of BW on HANA?

Yes, SAP has released a formal benchmark test called BW EML (Enhanced Mix Load) benchmark which considers:

  • Near real-time reporting
  • Ad-hoc reporting capabilities
  • Reduction of TCO.

Please see these links for more detailes and results:

The following link will provide more inside into Lenovo's new record and how the BW EML benchmark works.

I heard about a HANA Petabyte test. Where can I found more information?

The SAP HANA One Petabyte Test with a datamodel similiar to what many SAP BW customers are using:

For SAP HANA performance benchmarks, please see:

Whitepaper - SAP HANA Performance

Whitepaper - SAP and HP Breaking Analytic Performance Barriers with SAP HANA and HP AppSystems

Performance Test Report - SAP HANA

Did SAP or a partner publish benchmarks with regards to lower TCO for BW on HANA?

Yes, there is a report from Joshua Greenbaum, and a benchmark report from HP. Please see the links for more detail.

SAP has also conducted individual benchmarks with SAP customers who migrated their BW systems on RDBMS to BW on HANA. Please contact your account team for results from SAP reference customers.

Is there any benchmark or performance comparison of BW on HANA versus BW on a traditional DB?

There is a great performance test benchmarks published by Dr. Berg.

In addition read this blog here comparing the performance of a 60TB BW system before and after migration from Oracle to HANA.

Are there any studies about HANA's TCO and ROI?

IDC conducted a very interesting ROI study with the University of Kentucky.