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Latest releases for BW on HANA


What is the latest release for BW on HANA and what are the features?

SAP continues to place strategic focus on SAP BW as our fundamental enterprise data warehousing application offering. The latest release is SAP BW 7.5 SP1. Find more information via the links below.

For information about BW 7.4 see the following page in the FAQ.

For information about BW 7.3 see the following link.

What is the latest HANA Release?

Currently SPS11, available on the SAP Help portal, please see attached link for Release Notes Documents.

Older releases

Is there any information already available for BW 7.40?

Please refer to the corresponding FAQ page.

Is there any information already available for BW 7.40?

Please refer to the corresponding FAQ page.

What is the latest HANA Database revision?

In addition to HANA releases and specific HANA application releases like BW on HANA, SAP provides innovations via the HANA Database revisions.

You can access the latest HANA Database revision in the central SAP HANA note 1514967 in the section "Related Notes". Every revision will have its own SAP note, for example HANA Database revision 39 is announced in SAP note 1776978. Please check the central note (link below) for the release of the latest HANA Database revision.

Where can I find the latest product roadmaps, including the HANA roadmap?

On the service marketplace and SCN.

There is a nice summary of roadmap webinars in SCN.

Is there a document that describes SAP's general release strategy?

Yes, there is an entire brochure about the SAP Release Strategy. It is designed to:

  • Give insight into SAP's product strategy and product portfolio along the five market categories (Analytics, Applications, Cloud, Database and Technology, and Mobile)
  • Describe how SAP standard software is made available to customers
  • Show which maintenance strategy rules are applied to SAP software products
  • Explain how integration between different software product versions is assured
  • List all major software product versions with availability and maintenance end dates

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