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Automated Processes for BW on HANA Migration


Does SAP provide tools for the BW on HANA migration?

Yes, besides the InfoProvider migration programs, we can now use an automated solution for delta queue cloning and synchronization on the production systems for BW on HANA migrations based on a BW system copy. The automated solution is called PCA - Post Copy Automation Tool.

How it works;

BW systems can run their ETL processes from one or more source systems (can be ERP, CRM or others). After an initial load into a BW, all changes happening in the source systems are tracked and provided to BW by the so called delta queues. That means all “deltas” are stored in a special queue within the source system until the BW access them and pulls the information.

In PCA we utilize this function to minimize the business downtime by cloning the delta queues. After the cloning, the delta data set is stored twice in the source, one time for the original  BW on RDBMS and once for the new BW on HANA. So while the migration project is underway, there is no downtime for the existing BW. Once the migration is done, the BW on HANA accesses the cloned delta queues and is then on the same level as the BW on RDBMS, which means there are no inconsistencies between the two BW systems while minimizing downtime during the BW to BW on HANA migration.

Please contact your SAP Client partner for RDS Services using PCA.

Landing page in SCN:


Upgrade & Migration:

There is also a CSA webinar about 'New Tools to ease Migration to SAP NetWeaver BW on SAP HANA' that describes those tools and options in detail.

There is also a very helpful First Guidance document available in SCN.

What does DMO stand for and how does it help me to speed up my BW upgrade and migration process to BW on HANA?

DMO stands for 'Database Migration Option' and is an option of the Software Update Manager (SUM). This option decreases the effort of upgrading your BW system and migrating from any DB to HANA tremendously. Read the following blogs in SCN to learn more details about it.

There is also a very helpful First Guidance document available in SCN.

Before a potential migration to BW on HANA I would like to test certain data models or reporting scenarios. Is there an automated way to transport an entire model including reports and data from an existing BW system to a test BWoH system, e.g. in the cloud?

There is a great tool available in BW called SDATA that makes prototyping or copying models or reporting scenarios over to a new or different test system including all necessary objects and data, even if it's in the cloud. SDATA is supported for BW7.4 SP08 or higher, BW7.31 SP11 or higher, and BW7.30 SP11 or higher.

See the following link for more information.

In BW 7.4 an extensive consolidation and simplification of the number of InfoProviders types has taken place. One of the most significant one is the transfer of MultiProvider functionality into the CompositeProvider. Is there any automated conversion tool to help migrate MultiProviders into CompositeProviders?

Yes, with BW 7.4 SP10 a conversion tool has been introduced. More information you can find in note 2080851.

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