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Mixed scenarios: BW on HANA and HANA datamart


What does 'mixed scenarios' mean?

Mixed scenarios describes an architecture where a BW on HANA system leverages the full HANA platform capabilities e.g. to build native HANA operational or agile data marts for real-time consumption, by also leveraging for example the predictive analytics library, text analysis or geo-spatial intelligence. That means that there are not only BW models stored on the HANA database but also native HANA models. Those two different model artifacts can be consumed both thru the BW layer or native HANA layer.

See also more information about this topic in this blog about the HANA EDW.

Can we expose BW data models (BW InfoProviders) in the HANA modeler, and can we combine HANA SQL data models with BW InfoProviders, either in the BW and/or in HANA data mart?

Yes, all scenarios are possible, that means without latency and physical data replication we can consume data which are stored once in either enviornment. Please see the link for the BW on HANA SP8 presentation for detailed scenarios.

For how to import BW data models from BW InfoProviders into the HANA data mart and a detailed presentation about all important modeling aspects, please see the corresponding section of the FAQ.

Can we in BW take advantage of the real-time data extraction using SLT in the HANA datamart?

Yes, using a transient or a virtual InfoProvider in BW on HANA we can access the data loaded into the HANA data mart, and also combine these data with historical data. Please see this link for more details on these types of BW InfoProviders.

Can we use the SAP Change and Transport system CTS for HANA data mart configurations as well?

Yes, with BW on HANA the transports stay exactly the same. In the mixed scenario, where data models are created in the SAP HANA data mart outside the BW data model, CTS can be also used for non-APAP objects with CTS+.

Are there any plans on further integrating HANA and BW models?

The integration of the BW and HANA models is one of the main areas in future BW releases as it also opens up to more possibilities to leverage HANA's in-memory capabilities and engines. The blog mentioned above about the HANA EDW already talks about this along with the other information listed on this page here. The linked blog describes as an example the upcoming 'new Composite Provider' in the context of the HANA EDW from a high level perspective.

What are the best practices of modeling via HANA Modeler/Studio once the HANA views are generated on top of BW data?

For best practices around native HANA modeling please have a look to the following very detailed blog in SCN.