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BW (SAP Business Warehouse)

BW on HANA in the Cloud and Virtualization


What's (SAP's) definition of cloud?

Is it possible to deploy BW on HANA in the cloud?

Absolutely! There are many different options to bring your BW on HANA system into the cloud. To get an overview of all HANA Cloud deployment options please have a look here. By clicking on each option you will get more details.

For BW on HANA we highly recommend to look into the HANA Enterprise Cloud offering which provides you a full fledge managed cloud as a service (MCaaS).

There is also a FAQ about HANA Enterprise Cloud.

The very successful BWonHANA Trial Offer is hosted in the Amazon Cloud and has proven to be one of the quickest ways to get your hands on a fully configured BWoH + BI 4.1 system.

One customer shared an interesting success story about their experiences with BWoH in the cloud.

Can SAP HANA be virtualized?

Yes, with SAP HANA SPS07 virtualization of SAP HANA systems with a single VMware host is available on VMware vSphere 5.5. For non-production HANA systems virtualization was already supported since HANA SPS05 on VMware vSphere 5.1. Running multiple VM host on SAP HANA is in controlled availability. All HANA-VM scenarios are only supported for single node HANA deployments. Please see the links for more details on virtualization for SAP HANA using VMware.

Overview note for SAP HANA on VMware -

SAP HANA and single VM host -

SAP HANA and multiple VM hosts -

Is there more information about how SAP is setting up their data centers?

Can BW on HANA be deployed in the Amazon Cloud hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Yes, BW on HANA is one of many offerings for SAP HANA cloud deployments by AWS.

Is there already a benchmark available for virtualized HANA?

Are there any best practices from customers deploying BWoH in the cloud?

The following blog describes some experiences and best practices around BWoH in the cloud.

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