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What's new in BI4.1 SP05 for Web Intelligence

With the release of BI4.1 SP05 there have been numerous updates to Webi Intelligence.  This document will highlight them as well as provide links to blogs on first hand looks at these new functionalities.

New Functionality


First hand look at using it
BW manual prompt entry enhancements

You can now do the following actions in the prompt dialog box for a BEx characteristic variable of type Selection Option:

  • Manually enter a variable value in the Prompts dialog box. Previously, you had to search for the values in the prompt list of values. Now, you can manually enter the variable value in the Type a value text box and add it to the selected values list.
  • Normally, you use the Selection Option variable to select interval values. For example, if you wish to have values from A through Y, then you enter A as the start value, and Y as the end value in the prompt dialog box. As of SP05, the BI administrator can apply a new option that allows you to select any values. For example, you may only want the A and R values. You select from the values list or manually enter "A" in the Type a value text box and add the value to the selected value list. You repeat this action with "R". Then only A and R values appear in the selected objects list.

BW Manual prompt entry functionality is introduced in Web Intelligence

How to enable multi value option in Web Intelligence for
Selection option variables coming from BW

An OK button for input control checkboxesFor an input control that uses the checkbox format, you can activate an OK button, so that when you select multiple values in an input control list, you can click OK to refresh the data displayed in the report. You activate this button in the input control in the Choose Control Type panel when editing or adding an input control.Web Intelligence Input Control New Feature in BI 4.1 SP05
Database sampling now available for HANA

Work on a sample data set instead of the whole result set

Sampling is useful during the design phase of a report

Web Intelligence Data Sampling and HANA support added in BI 4.1 SP05
Web Intelligence Free-Hand SQL (FHSQL) support

Conversion of Desktop Intelligence documents that are based on a Free-hand SQL will no longer require the generation of a universe on-the-fly.

Now with the free-hand SQL extension sample, you can create Webi reports with FHSQL as a data source.

First look at FHSQL reports in BI4.1

FHSQL in BI4.1.5 - Limitations, Gotchas, and Troubleshooting

Free-Hand SQL Extension Sample for Web Intelligence for 4.1 SP5

Customization of Web Intelligence user interface elements based on user groups and foldersYou can now customize Web Intelligence user interface elements based on user groups and folders. Earlier, the customization of Web Intelligence user interface elements was based on user groups only.BI 4.1 SP05 Web Intelligence GUI Customization Per Folder Feature
Getting Started with SAP BusinessObjects Web IntelligenceThis is a new document on the basics of how to get started in creating Web Intelligence documents.BI 4.1 SP05 Released. New Doc for Web Intelligence - a Getting Started Guide

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