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SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform

Analysis Path Framework: Turning Data into Insight


Analysis Path Framework is the SAP HANA based analytics tool within Smart Business that provides advanced drill-down capabilities. Analysis Path Framework enables business users to dig into data iteratively by building up analysis paths containing a sequence of analysis steps. And it allows to adapt selections within steps of such paths that take effect on all subsequent analysis steps. Analysis Path Framework is the perfect tool when it comes to analyzing data without knowing in advance what exactly you are looking for.

APF based app


Analysis Path Framework overview

Demos and Tutorials

APF Trial - try it yourself; for a guided tour press the help icon (question mark)

UI Overview

Creating an Analysis Path

Further Options for Analysis Paths

Filtering Data in an Analysis Path

APF Configuration Modeler - 1: UI Overview

APF Configuration Modeler - 2: Configuring an Analysis Step

APF Configuration Modeler - 3: Configuring a Representation

APF Configuration Modeler - 4: Configuring Filters

APF Configuration Modeler - 5: Insight to Action

APF Configuration Modeler - 6: Export and Import

Smart Business Integration

Machine Analysis

Product Information

Analysis Path Framework for BW on HANA

Analysis Path Framework Documentation

Updated! Analysis Path Framework - Rollout Material Q3 2016

Fiori Design Guidelines

Business Cases

Here you can find information of use cases that are built on Analysis Path Framework

Working Capital Analysis

Margin Analysis

Blogs and Customer Stories

Tobias Trapp, AOK Systems: An opinionated FAQ

Tobias Trapp, AOK Systems: A hidden gem for creating awesome analytical apps

Tobias Trapp, AOK Systems: Basic Concepts und Tutorials

Tobias Trapp, AOK Systems: Analytical Path Framework – Installation

Hansfrieder Weber, Innovabee: SAP S/4HANA Finance in 6 Wochen migriert

New! Innovabee: Making complex analyses simple and fun with Analysis Path Framework


If you are looking for an overview session, product demos, or you have technical questions these are the persons to contact.

@Dirk Degrell, Product Owner

@Jutta Erlewein, Product Manager