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Integration of SAP TM with SAP EM: Take over icons for event status from SAP EM


Recently new note 2088772 has been released, which enables a new feature: The event status icons that can be defined per event code in SAP EM are passed to SAP TM and displayed now on the execution tab as well. This might especially be useful, if you have defined multiple unexpected events in your scenario. By default all unexpected events have the same icon:

By customizing a specific icon for each unexpected event that is used in your scenario, it will be much easier to check if a specific event has been reported on the TM execution tab.

Of course, it is also possible to change the standard icons for the differnet status of specific expected events.

In SAP EM you can define the event status icons like this:

  • Execute IMG activity Define Status Icons (path SPRO -> Event Management -> Event Messages, Status Queries, and Web Interface -> Define Status Icons
  • Here you can define your custom status icon schema, in which you can assign an icon to each event status:
    • You can define a status icon schema for expected events like the standard schema TRAFFIC_LIGHTS


    • Or you can define a status icon schema for a specific unexpected event - then only one icon is needed for event status Unexpected Event


  • The status icon schema has to be assigned to the event codes, for which it shall be used. This can be done with IMG activity Define Internal Event Codes and Internal Event Code Groups (path SPRO -> Event Management -> Event Handlers and Event Handler Data -> Codes -> Event Codes )


The execution tab of a freight order in SAP TM could look like this then:

The note will be part of the following SPs: TM 9.0 SP12, TM 9.1 SP 05, TM 9.2 SP01.

Cheers, Daniel