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How to to set up an XCM user with no admin group assigned in Netweaver 7.3x


The purpose of this document is to show the steps needed to set up an XCM user that is not in the administrator group. The configuration here is of a consulting nature and SAP does not support this or configure this in standard.

Login to useradmin

First step to create the user is to login to the user admin application.

To access the user admin application go to  http(s)://{server]:[port]/useradmin .

Create Role

The next step is to create the role that will be assigned to your user.

  • In the search criteria search for “Role” .

  • Select the option to create a new role “Create Role”

  • Enter a unique name that you will use for your role for example

Note: The role name “ xcmadmin” is the example role name that we will use in this document. This can be changed to any name that you wish to call your custom role.

Assigned Actions

  • Click on “Assigned Roles” tab  and enter “xcmadmin” as SearchCriteria and click on “Go” .

• Select “crm~b2b” with the Name “isaadmin” -> “Add” -> “Save”

• Search Criteria: “User”

Create the User

  • Select “Create user” this will create the user that will be assigned to the role we have already created.

• Enter the Logon ID as the username that you wish to create also the Password and Last name  will need to be filled. For the Security Policy enter “Technical User”.

Note: If you do not set the Security Policy to “Technical User” then on first logon xcmuser will be prompted to change the user password. Moreover, after sometime the password will expire and will have to be updated again.

Assign Role

• Click on “Assigned Roles” tab Enter “xcmadmin” as Search Criteria and click on “Go” .

• Select the role and click on “Add” -> “Save”

This will save the role that we have created in the first step to the user. Once this has been done the newly create user should have access to the XCM without been in the administrator group.